Guidelines for modern philanthropy

Gone are the times when the Foundation just waited for grant applications and accepted as many as it could with no clear-cut strategic priorities. For a well-balanced governance, the Foundation needed suitable procedures which would enable the Steering Board to exercise its guidance and assessment powers and allow the Board of Directors to see to operational management.

That is why Fondazione Cariplo rethought its strategy and came up with ad hoc plans. These are true milestones that marked the Foundation’s growth and development and allow it to fully express its potential within strategic guidelines that can be either general or specific in nature.

The Multi-year Framework Plan defines the scope of the Foundation’s activities, framing its mission and role in relation to the specific time and place in which the Foundation operates.

Action Plans set out specific project objectives, i.e., the role the Foundation can play in a given area, the specific objectives it pursues as well as the strategies and means it can use to achieve them.

This frame of reference ensures all the Foundation’s activities – grants and projects – are consistent with its strategic objectives.



From the Foundation’s mission to its philanthropic role in civil society

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