Green Jobs

200 businesses signed up to the initiative, 150 traineeships already started; 20,000 questionnaires on young people and green jobs administered; 90 schools engaged, 106 business simulations made and 2,000 interviews conducted in schools; 200 people participated in meetings on the Circular Economy; a Service was set up to facilitate matching of green jobs supply and demand; a campus named ReStartAlp was established in collaboration with the Garrone Foundation to promote young entrepreneurship in the Alpine region. These are just some of the figures and achievements of Green Jobs, an initiative started in 2015 to promote employment opportunities for young people in the environmental sphere. The initiative has been unfolding along two main lines: providing education and training for high-school kids, and facilitating employment in the green sector for young people.

For info: Andrea Trisoglio andreatrisoglio@fondazionecariplo.it