Community Foundations

To encourage philanthropy within communities and be even closer to people’s needs, in 1998 Fondazione Cariplo started promoting the formation of Community Foundations within its constituency, and committed to:

  • helping Community Foundations create their endowment funds via a shared mechanism (endowment challenges), and build their capacity and sustainability
  • backing the philanthropic actions of Community Foundations in their respective communities and their funding of local nonprofits (via annual “contributions to local projects”)
  • working with Community Foundations synergically towards complementing goals including through common initiatives and projects (via Fondazione Cariplo’s Coordination and support to Community Foundations project and landmark grants)
  • disseminating knowledge about Community Foundations domestically and internationally and expanding their presence by sharing Fondazione Cariplo’s experience and expertise.

To Community Foundations Fondazione Cariplo dedicated an issue in its Handbook series where the reader can find comprehensive information about their origin and evolution, distinctive traits, modus operandi, most innovative activities and how they are gearing up to address future challenges.