Cariplo Factory

Cariplo Factory is a dynamic, open innovation hub. It was created to encourage free movement of ideas through exchange of know-how and experiences in digital innovation. It seeks to contribute to our country’s economic growth and social development by facilitating youth advancement and creation of job opportunities. It responds to the demand for new skills that exists in the marketplace through technology transfer, and provides an ecosystem that accelerates growth for innovative start-ups.

Promoted by Fondazione Cariplo, in collaboration with Microsoft, Fastweb, Terna and Novartis, Cariplo Factory catalyzes an array of projects dedicated to fostering growth of Italian talents. Key endeavors at Cariplo Factory include: growITup, an Open Innovation platform created in collaboration with Microsoft; Fastweb Digital Academy, specialist training courses on digital subjects; BioUpper, a platform supporting new business ideas in the field of life sciences; Next Energy, a platform for the development of innovative projects in electricity market-related areas.

Where we are

Cariplo Factory is in Milan, Via Tortona, in the area formerly occupied by Ansaldo industrial works, some 2,000 sq m of throbbing innovation and technology within BASE Milano, a breeding ground for initiatives that realize youth potential,  generate technology advancements, nurture entrepreneurship, social innovation and creativity, and further arts and culture

For more information: 

info@cariplofactory.it -www.cariplofactory.it