Live arts go to school

Adolescence is the time when kids become more aware of their choices, tastes and orientations. At this stage in life the practice of performing arts helps kids express their creativity and develop their cognitive, emotional and relational skills. Music and theatre have their own languages which are a function of the society to which they belong and thus help young people get a comprehensive understanding of reality as a whole. They should be core subjects in school curricula, yet, sadly, they are often excluded or regarded as ‘minor’ subjects.

Through LAIV – Live Performing Art Lab -  Fondazione Cariplo supports three-year music, theatre and musical theatre programs in senior secondary schools in Lombardy and in the provinces of Novara and Verbania.

The LAIV Project promotes the collaboration of schools with music and theatre organizations. On the one hand, it encourages schools to open up to external professionals, and, on the other hand, it urges music and theatre organizations to respond adequately to the needs of schools. The live arts programs are designed in accordance with a teaching format which entails compliance with certain standards and strong integration of these programs’ contents and methods with the core curriculum.

To-date LAIV has involved 110 schools across Lombardy. Of these, 30 participated in the projects from 2007 through 2010, while 80 joined the project in September 2009 and continued it up until June 2012. In January 2011, the publication of a call for proposals to select performing art programs based on the model tested by LAIV, worthy of a Foundation’s grant for three years, marked the beginning of the roll out phase.

You can find all information about the LAIV Project at www.progettolaiv.it

LAIV is a project that falls within Fondazione Cariplo’s Action Plan titled ‘Promote education for the development of the individual within the community’ whose purpose is to improve students’ ability ‘to learn how to learn’ and encourage the deployment of dynamic teaching methods. In addition to LAIV, this Action Plan includes other projects: EST which promotes science and technology education; Interculture which is geared to improve integration of immigrant children into Italian schools; and School 21 which promotes environmental sustainability education.


LAIV action

LAIV action is the Festival of Live Performing Art Labs. The festival gives all schools participating in the LAIV project the opportunity to stage their plays, videos, music or theatre performances, and share not only the results of their programs, but also the method underlying them.

LAIV action facilitates exchange of ideas and experiences as during the Festival students, teachers, theatre and music educators as well as school principals can discuss their experience with others, get new ideas and suggestions for future programs. Through ‘LAIV action’ all members of the LAIV Community are given the opportunity to express themselves, get to know each other and live together an engaging and exciting experience whereby knowledge and good practices become common heritage through the virtuous circle of learning triggered by the project.