Medium-term strategy

Not only grants but also ideas. The Foundation has taken on a proactive role. It no longer wants to be just a grantmaking organization awaiting for grant applications to be submitted from outside. The guidelines governing the Foundation’s activities are well-defined, clear, and transparent. The Steering Board (i.e., Commissione Centrale di Beneficenza) sets out in the Framework Plan the guidelines for all activities carried out by the Foundation, thus providing a frame of reference against which the Foundation’s initiatives can be assessed and their consistency be ensured.

Within this general framework, the Steering Board substantiated the Foundation’s mission and role by means of the Action Plans. These link the Foundation’s mission and role to the specific time and place in which the Foundations operates. The Action Plans set out the priority objectives the Foundation will be pursuing in the years to come and determine the Foundation’s lines of action, calls for proposals, and other forms of grantmaking.

In the Action Plans, the Foundation prioritizes its activities (i.e., sets out specific objectives), identifies the timeline for all operational steps (calls for proposals, projects, grants, etc.), defines the outcome expected from the activity performed (identification of success indicators) and lays the groundwork for the monitoring and assessment steps.

Actions Plans are almost by definition medium-term plans, either because objectives are eventually achieved or because other priorities arise.