GAFF - Global Alliance for the Future of Food is an alliance of mostly private foundations from around the world that work together to promote transformational change toward sustainable food systems. Activities are mainly geared to generate new evidence-based insights, facilitate dialogue among key players in the process of transformational change and stimulate local and global action that can collectively accelerate effective food systems transformation.

Since its formation in 2012, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food has been engaged in an innovative participatory approach based on 7 principles that express the values and encompass the change member foundations aspire to bring about. These seven principles are: renewability, resilience, diversity, equity, healthfulness, inclusion and interconnectedness. The member foundations work with all stakeholders engaged in the transformational change of food systems respecting the diverse institutional and individual perspectives, opinions, outlooks, and experience.

The Global Alliance member foundations focus their work on 4 Impact Areas: Agroecology, Health and Well-being, Climate, and True Cost Accounting. Fondazione Cariplo contributes in particular to the Health and Well-being area by actively supporting research that pinpoints positive and negative health externalities in food systems and aims at finding solutions that enable healthy, sustainable systems.

The latest studies backed are:

  1. Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems
  2. Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems: A Guide to Action
  3. Promoting Human, Ecological, and Animal Health and Well-being: A Shared Vision and Narrative
  4. Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems: The Positive Health Benefits and Impacts of Sustainable Food Systems
  5. Unravelling the Food Health Nexus https://futureoffood.org/impact-areas/advancing-well-being/unravelling-the-food-health-nexus/# )