Database of environmental education and sustainability projects  funded by Fondazione Cariplo

Fondazione Cariplo has been supporting environmental education and sustainability projects within local communities and in schools since 2003.

Up until 2008, via the calls for proposals titled “Promoting environmental education", the Foundation encouraged environmental education programs promoting environmentally-friendly behaviors that were mostly carried out in schools.

From 2009 up until 2011, via the calls for proposals titled "Sustainability education", the Foundation promoted sustainability education programs within local communities.

With about €13.5 million awarded to 218 projects the Foundation has supported numerous worthy initiatives promoting environmentally respectful behaviors in schools and local  communities, the production of educational and other valuable materials that can be used by educators and associations.

The Educambiente Database was created to put together information on all funded projects and their outcomes, circulate and harness this information. The Database is continuously updated  and can be accessed  at www.fondazionecariplo.it/educambiente

Before searching the database, please read the Educambiente Project Details and Users’ Instructions that can be found in the "Presentation of the Educambiente Project".

For further information, email us at ambiente@fondazionecariplo.it