Open space conservation

Fondazione Cariplo created an Open Space database  in pursuit of two goals:

- putting together the projects funded under the call for proposals “Enhancing open space areas and urban green spaces” first launched in 2010

- circulating the results of the project "Environmental effects of changes in vegetation cover as a result of land use in Lombardy and the provinces of Novara and Verbania" promoted by Fondazione Cariplo and carried out by the Milan Polytechnic’s Architecture and Planning Department. 


Open space is defined as land which is in undeveloped state and provides a refuge from urbanization, regardless of its function or use. Largely consisting of natural areas or agricultural land, open space areas are being steadily eroded as a result of sprawling urbanization, a process which local public administrations not always manage to govern in a way which is respectful of the natural environment. Through its call for proposals “Enhancing open space areas”, Fondazione Cariplo selects projects that help local public administrations protect open space areas and combat destruction of natural areas. More specifically the projects selected through this call for proposals relate to:

- feasibility studies for the conservation of open space areas of particular significance or their rehabilitation to their original use (agricultural, recreational use or natural state);

-  inventories of open space areas that are degraded or at risk of being developed or becoming urbanized (in the geographic area covered by the project).