The Advisory Committees

The Steering Board  is organized into a number of advisory committees, that periodically meet to assess in detail each activity.

Committee on guidance, monitoring and assessment of asset management and equity investing:

Previtali Pietro (coordinator), Colonna Paolo, Mascetti Andrea, Nicola Mauro, Rossi Enrico, Troncatti Martino, Vanni Mario

Committee on the preparation of new internal rules and the review of existing internal rules:

Iudica Giovanni (coordinator), Mascetti Andrea, Previtali Pietro, Rossi Enrico, Vanni Mario .

Committee on the preparation of the multi-year framework plan, guidance and assessment of grantmaking and philanthropic activities:

Subcommittee on Arts and Culture: Mascetti Andrea (coordinator), Benigni Gianpietro, Fagnani Elisa, Iudica Giovanni, Maestri Sarah, Mantovani Alberto, Masto Rodolfo, Negrini Valeria, Verdi Franco, Zanetta Francesca.

Subcommittee on Environment: Emanuel Cesare  (coordinator), Bajardelli Laura, Banfi Giuseppe, Magatti Mauro, Vanni Mario, Verdi Franco, Zanetta Francesca.
Subcommittee on Scientific Research and Technology Transfer: Mantovani Alberto  (coordinator), Banfi Giuseppe, Cerioli Renato, Emanuel Cesare, Iudica Giovanni, Nicola Mauro, Mozzanica Carlo Mario, Previtali Pietro, Rasconi Marco, Rossi Enrico.

Subcommittee on Social, Healthcare and Education Policies: Rasconi Marco (coordinator), Bajardelli Laura, Benigni Gianpietro, Cerioli Renato, Colonna Paolo, Corti Suor Franca, Fagnani Elisa, Maestri Sarah, Magatti Mauro, Masto Rodolfo, Negrini Valeria, Mozzanica Carlo Mario, Troncatti Martino.