Fondazione Cariplo, an organization that anticipates needs

Fondazione Cariplo does not aim at taking the place of public or private organizations already active in the field nor to merely provide financial backing to them. Fondazione Cariplo is called upon to set its own objectives which reflect its scope and status as private entity and which set its action apart from that of other players in the field.

The mission of Fondazione Cariplo is therefore to be a resource that helps social and civil organizations better serve their own community. The Foundation’s primary vocation is supporting the organizations of civil society that represent the social infrastructures of our system. Its approach is based on the principle of subsidiarity.

In a nutshell, its mission, role and operational strategy contribute to outline the profile of a foundation which acts as an entity that anticipates emerging needs - or selects deep-seated yet still unmet needs - tries new solutions to respond more effectively and less costly to them, and ultimately makes its best endeavors to disseminate successful solutions.