Our Mission

“An entity helping civil society organizations and institutions serve communities”
Fondazione Cariplo is a philanthropic organization leveraging its financial and human resources as well as planning and assistance capabilities to promote and back endeavors pursuing the common good and aiding individuals fulfil their potential.

Currently, the themes on which our Foundation places more emphasis are fighting inequality, especially by aiding the most vulnerable, and promoting social and economic growth at the local level.

Our Foundation was established in 1991 under the Amato-Carli Act. Its roots however go as far back as 1816 when, amidst the ruins of Napoleonic Wars, a philanthropic organization was created to help people in need and lay the groundwork for development and growth in the region. That organization was Commissione Centrale di Beneficenza, and some years later it also spawned a savings bank, Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde (CARIPLO), which was established in Milan on June 12, 1823.
Our commitment to creating opportunities and value for people and local communities goes back in the centuries to those times and that philanthropic organization and has been playing out in our support to arts and culture, environmental, social and scientific research endeavors.

Our vision

Contributing to grow a social context full of opportunities in which each individual can develop their potential to the fullest and experience rich and meaningful relationships with other people.

Our main Stakeholders

Fondazione Cariplo’s stakeholders can be classified into four broad categories.

  • Direct beneficiaries: the public and private entities that receive a Foundation’s grant which helps them carry out their projects
  • Indirect beneficiaries: those that do not receive a Foundation’s grant but benefit from the goods and services generated through the projects backed by Foundation’s funds. Indirect beneficiaries may include public entities, third-sector organizations, individuals, and also project co-funders
  • Organizations within Cariplo’s universe: those entities whose governance bodies include representatives from Fondazione Cariplo and receive funds from the Foundation for the conduct of joint projects
  • Foundation’s governance bodies and staff: the people who make it possible for the Foundation to operate, provide services, manage grants and other funds and enable the Foundation to carry out projects.