Nineteenth century section

242 paintings and sculptures constitute the nineteenth century section, which features a major series of landscapes and urban scenes by Italian Romantic “Vedutismo” artists of the caliber of Luigi Bisi, Carlo and Giuseppe Canella and Giovanni Migliora. Those set in Milan are of special interest. This section also includes masterworks by historical painter Francesco Hayez and genre painter Giuseppe Molteni.

Often monumental, the works of brothers Domenico and Gerolamo Induno, Sebastiano De Albertis and Eleuterio Pagliano document the ensuing historical patriotic “Risorgimento” phase, with both battle epic and intimate familiar scenes. A female figure by sculptor Vincenzo Vela is another notable piece. In the various genre trends, inspired by post-unification regional schools, the salient names are Venetians Guglielmo Ciardi and Giacomo Favretto, Tuscan Telemaco Signorini, Francesco Paolo Michetti of Abruzzi and Neapolitans Filippo and Giuseppe Palizzi and Antonio Mancini.

Lombard nineteenth century masterworks in the Fondazione Cariplo collection include naturalistic Leonardo Bazzaro, Mosè Bianchi, Filippo Carcano, Eugenio Gignous, Emilio Gola, Pompeo Mariani. Divisionists Emilio Longoni, Angelo Morbelli, Gaetano Previati and an early Giovanni Segantini, in an experience that saw Italian artists aligned to European post-impressionism.