2012 Results

In  2012, the assets of the 15 Community Foundations reached €232 million, growing by about 5% over the prior year. 11 were the foundations that met the fundraising challenge, and in 2013 they were joined by the Cremona Community Foundation.

Beating expectations, in 2012, donations were on the upside both in terms of their number and amount, namely some 4,700 donations aggregating to over €8.5 million versus €8 million received in 2011. While still far from the levels reached in past years when the €13 million mark was surpassed, this was a more than satisfactory achievement given the protracted economic downturn.

In 2012, Community Foundations’ grants exceeded €22 million funding over 2,300 social benefit projects. Compared to 2011, the number of projects funded was up 1%, and awarded amounts were up too, namely by 2%. Total outlays, including grants and operating expenses, aggregated to €24 million, essentially flat on the prior year.