Magistri Comacini Cultural District

The cultural district of Magistri Comacini (Comacina Island Masters) was the pilot for the Foundation’s cultural district initiative. The Foundation contributed €6 million to co-fund this landmark pilot project in the Como province.

Geographically, the project was developed in the Lake Como area, with special emphasis on the central area of the lake and the Comacina island. It was a stepping stone on the way to establishing a true cultural district meant to revitalize a prestigious area by capitalizing on its cultural heritage and beautiful landscape, in partnership with a number of local administrations.

Following a thorough feasibility study and an accurate planning phase, a Framework Agreement for the Magistri Comacini area was signed in 2005 by Fondazione Cariplo together with many public and private local organizations and endorsed by the Lombardy regional government. . The project focused on the cultural heritage and envisaged the opening of museums, exhibition grounds, and study centers.