2009 Results

In 2009, the assets of the 15 Community Foundations set up with the contribution given by Fondazione Cariplo surpassed €200 million, growing by some €12 million (up 7%) over 2008. Excluding the funds given by Fondazione Cariplo, assets grew by about €8 million.

In spite of the still challenging economic environment, in 2009 Community Foundations received 3,845 donations aggregating to €9 million net of amounts contributed by Fondazione Cariplo. Compared to 2008, donations increased in number (up 2%) but were of lower amount.  31% of donations were made by individuals, proving the increasing engagement of local communities. Compared to prior years, in 2009 there was a shift in donors as individuals replaced private organizations as the number 1 donors to foundations. Excluding individuals, donations were equally distributed and came from private (26%) and public (15%) organizations as well as businesses (25%).

Overall, community foundations recorded inflows of funds aggregating to €27.4 million, up about 4% over 2008. Fondazione Cariplo contributed €14.5 million, i.e. 53% of total inflows.

In 2009,  Community Foundations recorded outlays of €21 million  (down 8% over 2008), of which €19.6 million used to fund 1,729 social benefit projects. Operating expenses accounted for 7% of total outlays, unchanged over the prior year.

Calls for proposals were the form of grantmaking most used by the Foundations accounting for 85% of funds awarded and 72% of projects funded. The rest of the projects were supported via sponsorships, micro-grants, and contributions given as indicated by donors.

Most of the projects were in the social and welfare area that attracted 43% of all funds, followed by heritage conservation with 22%, and arts and culture with 19% of total funds given.