How Fondazione Cariplo implements its philanthropy

In pursuing the objectives set out in its action plans, the Foundation implements its philanthropy in a variety of ways, i.e.:

Permanent/Main grant lines
These are grants made to support the activities of key organizations, e.g. universities, research centers, foundations or institutes that distinguished themselves in the Fondazione Cariplo’s four program areas.

Calls for proposals and related awards
Calls for proposals enable the Foundation to focus its philanthropic action in a given field by making grants to specific worthwhile projects. Calls for proposals are classified into:

  • Calls for proposals with a fixed deadline. These calls are published in March-April of each year and set out a deadline for the presentation of grant applications.
  • Open deadline calls for proposals. These are calls under permanent grantmaking lines. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.

Contributions to local projects
These are contributions to small projects submitted by organizations based in the province of Milan (except for the geographic area covered by Fondazione di Monza e Brianza) or in other provinces outside Fondazione Cariplo’s constituency. In other areas of Lombardy and in the provinces of Novara and Verbania local projects are supported by the contributions of local Community Foundations.

The Foundation sponsors events, meetings and initiatives that are in line with its purposes. Sponsorships entail the use of the Foundation logo on communications material subject to precise rules set out in the guidelines provided by Fondazione Cariplo. Sponsorships may also entail a financial contribution to share costs borne for the organization of the event.
Foundation’s own projects
These are initiatives directly promoted by Fondazione Cariplo itself, that the Foundation supports not only with financial resources but also with its staff and direct involvement in the design, development, management and assessment of projects.
Landmark grants
These are annual grants whereby the Foundation co-finances initiatives that have a significant impact on the local provinces. These grants are made to support initiatives in any of the provinces (except for the province of Milan, for which there are other forms of support). Each year two provinces are selected as grantees in accordance with a specific schedule.
The Foundation earmarks €7,746,854 to each of two provinces annually (for a total of €15,493,708). Public institutions and nonprofit organizations that operate locally are involved in the execution of projects. To be eligible for grants, projects have to be at least 50% co-financed.
Past annual grants:
year 2001 provinces of Como and Varese; year 2002, provinces of Verbania and Brescia; year 2003, provinces of Cremona and Novara; year 2004, provinces of Lecco and Pavia; year 2005, provinces of Bergamo and Sondrio; year 2006, provinces of Mantua and Lodi.
Funds given to  Community Foundations
Fondazione Cariplo earmarks funds to community foundations. The grantmaking approach entails leveraging the action of local players.