Social housing

Having a home is important to retain or regain independence, especially for people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Finding a home that matches one’s needs can decidedly improve quality of life for everyone. Housing supply needs to be complemented by services, employment opportunities and development of close-knit communities. All this requires efforts to understand and shape the urban landscape and the complex relationships that make up the social fabric. Owing to the profound social and economic changes of recent years, there has been a strong increase in the share of the population who cannot afford a house at market prices and at the same does not qualify for council housing. Endeavors promoting social housing seek to respond to the need of that share of the population. At the same time there is also the need to support urban regeneration, which entails working on places and areas fallen into decay, abandoned or forgotten to bring out their potential and revitalize them by introducing new functions and putting in place new services developed for and together with residents.

Philanthropic challenge

Testing new housing and welfare models, promoting both new hybrid, intergenerational, adaptive social housing solutions and regeneration endeavors that reconnect people to the environment, revive neighborhoods and reweave the urban and social fabric.