Fighting poverty

The communities we serve have been hard hit by the pandemic. COVID-19 has affected public health but has also had other serious repercussions on our societies and economies. One of the consequences has been poverty going up dramatically in the past months, engulfing swathes of the population who until recently were well above not just the absolute but also the relative poverty line. Furthermore, economic scarring from the health emergency and lockdown measures has heightened the risk of businesses faltering and of job losses. As a large number of previously stable jobs are inevitably going to be lost, more individuals and families will be at risk of rapidly sliding into poverty, while those who were already vulnerable before Covid will face a worsening of their conditions. Given that the number of people in absolute poverty doubled after the 2008 economic crisis a decade ago, it is not unreasonable to assume the current crisis may cause a similar shock over a shorter timeframe and that public-sector and third-sector players may struggle to fully serve those in need.

Philanthropic challenge

Countering the effects of the economic crisis in the aftermath of the COVID-19 health emergency, mitigating the impoverishment of vulnerable population groups and families especially those with underage children by reinforcing the ability of local player networks to incept and respond to those in need.