Fondazione Cariplo celebrates its 30th anniversary

The beautiful Tiepolo room of the Foundation’s headquarters has hosted, today, the kick-off of “Looking 4”: a unique project conceived to ensure a participatory celebration of this important milestone.

A participatory journey

Looking 4 is a multi-event participatory journey promoted by Fondazione Cariplo, that will engage people in a challenging task: "being able to read reality and its changes, to constantly learn how we can be of service and generate value to our communities".

This journey will include five days of debate, inspiration, listening and exchange

Four participatory events will focus on key topics related to the Foundation’s program areas - Environment, Arts & Culture, Scientific Research and Social & Human Services - and will be held in different locations in the Lombardy region, in June. These events will convene the Foundation’s key stakeholders - non-profit organisations, social enterprises, universities, local institutions, and businesses – to look together into the future and jointly design the “Atlas of the Resources and Needs of the Communities of Tomorrow”. 

Four gatherings, one format 

The morning programs will be kicked-off by inspirational speakers, followed by presentations of successful and enlightening experiences collected from participants. Afternoons will be dedicated to exchange and in-depth debate around a number of specific topics, that will be addressed in parallel breakout groups.  

We will celebrate by listening in at least three ways…

first, because the protagonists will be those that have worked at the Foundation’s side in the last 30 years

second, through a citizens survey that will be conducted by the Evaluation Lab of Fondazione Giordano dell’Amore – Social Venture, operating arm of Fondazione Cariplo, to complement the information collected in the field reconnaissance and offer additional cause for reflection

third, at the nearly 20 thematic working groups that will take place at the four local events.

The fifth event will be held in Milan on July 14, an occasion to share the outcomes of the journey thus far and jointly reflect about that future-looking Atlas of needs and resources of the Foundation’s territory.

“We want to offer a space for debate and reflection to bring into focus the key challenges for the future of people, our communities and their territories. More importantly, we want to do it together, because the complexity and scope of such challenges may be decoded and addressed only with a broad and unanimous vision. After two unprecedentedly difficult years, we believe that the celebration of Fondazione Cariplo’s 30th anniversary marks also the return to the core of our mission: to promote communities, mobilizing energies and competences therein. I would like to express my gratitude, as of now, to all the organisations – associations, institutions, businesses – that in the next weeks will be willing to take part at this journey and contribute with their views.”, Giovanni Fosti, President Fondazione Cariplo.


Detailed information regarding the Looking4 program available at looking4.fondazionecariplo.it/ 


  • 8 June, Novara

        "The right age at all ages” 

         Demographic challenges, people wellbeing, welcoming, community pact.


  • 15 June, Cernobbio

         "From the Valley to the Alpes” 

          Ecosystems and economies in light of climate change.   


  • 22 June, Brescia

        "If Culture comes to you” 

         Beauty, knowledge and participation for the people and the territory.


  • 28 June, Pavia

         "Bread and Research” 

          Science, data and knowledge sharing to respond to the needs of people and communities.

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