Cariplo aids nonprofit organizations in the current emergency

In these challenging times, Fondazione Cariplo is acting on different fronts to help people in need and aid nonprofit organizations that are struggling due to the Covid-19 emergency.

On the one hand, Fondazione Cariplo launched a special fund and together with Community Foundations is mobilizing local networks and resources for a host of endeavors that help local communities.

On the other hand, it is responding with its day-to-day philanthropic activities that never stopped and will not stop, approving measures that ease execution of projects for which funding has already been granted or is being approved and based on which third-sector beneficiaries have already made plans and pledges.

In particular, a first set of measures is geared to immediately provide beneficiaries with greater liquidity than the amount they would usually get under ordinary procedures: advances for beneficiaries outside calls procedures, and larger amounts before initial expense reporting for grantees under calls procedures.

A second set of measures is geared to give peace of mind to all those organizations that are about to start their project activities or are completing them according to the agreed time schedule. 

In addition, to help alleviate the action planning challenges resulting from the current health emergency, our Foundation decided to streamline acceptance of requests for deadline extension.

Deadlines of calls already launched have been extended to give applicants more time.

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Coronavirus: Cariplo’s fund for affected communities

A €2 million fund to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and its economic fallout on nonprofit organizations
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