#WhenWeUnite - join the movement!

Fondazione Cariplo is proud to support Philanthropy Europe Association and to join the movement #WhenWeUnite, a campaign initiated by Philea to showcase the work of philanthropic organizations across Europe and the sector’s contribution to tackling global societal challenges.

Since 1991 the Foundation has supported 35,600 projects in the fields of Arts & Culture, Environment, Scientific Research and in the Social realm, providing over €3.6 billion in grants to organizations operating prevailingly in the Lombardy region and in Piedmont’s provinces of Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.

Despite its local roots and geographic focus, the Foundation’s leadership has from the start encouraged and contributed to building a robust and valuable network of relations at international level with institutions and peer philanthropic organizations sharing the same values and pursuing convergent goals - PHILEA - Philanthropy Europe Association among them. 

The benefits of nurturing relations and fostering partnerships and exchange among peers and with the best-in-class worldwide are overall collectively acknowledged. The reasons are manifold, but for the Foundation two stand out:

  • Knowledge - in the globalized and interconnected world we live in, knowledge on key global phenomenon, trends and topics - that often have an impact at local level – are a source of inspiration and can provide a valuable guidance for the Foundation’s strategic planning in the medium to long term and at times anticipate needs in its reference territories
  • Efficiency - several problems in the social, environmental, scientific and cultural fields are not border bound, and many foundations all over the world are committed to finding innovative solutions to common challenges. Leveraging knowledge and successful experiences of others have an inestimable value, inasmuch it enables foundations to maximize their philanthropic efforts and resources.  

Listening to and learning from others has been the Foundation’s motto for the last three decades.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Fondazione Cariplo and the Foundation has honored this important milestone in a particular way: with the Looking4 initiative.

Looking4 was conceived to ensure a participatory celebration of the Foundation’s stakeholders throughout five days of debate, inspiration, listening and exchange. 

Four events focused on key topics related to the Foundation’s program areas were held in the provinces of Novara, Como, Brescia and Pavia, with the goal to engage participants in the co-creation of an “Atlas of the Resources and Needs of the Communities of Tomorrow” - because we believe that #WhenWeUnite we can change the world around us! 

The fifth and final event of Looking4 was held on July 14 at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, where PHILEA‘s CEO, Delphine Moralis has virtually joined us and shared a comprehensive picture of philanthropy in Europe, her views on how foundations have been responding to the multiple crisis that hit societies globally and the grand challenges they are facing, from climate degradation and growing inequalities to the backslide in democracy.

And we can’t but share and endorse her concluding remarks:
"We understand more than ever that the health of our planet is connected with the health of people on it and that none of us are safe unless all of us are. And we know that the issues out there will require our full collective commitment to solve them."

Watch the full video of Delphine Moralis’ contribution to Fondazione Cariplo’s 30th anniversary.