16 million euros to support 400 organisations of the nonprofit sector

16 million euros to support 400 organisations of the nonprofit sector that provide steady employment to 25,000 workers 18,600 volunteers. An extraordinary achievement in terms of aggregation of resources to respond to the crisis generated by the outbreak and safeguard the provision of services to the community.

According to an estimate regarding the first half of 2020, half of the non-profits that provide crucial support to the most fragile groups of the population, as well as numerous artistic and cultural organisations and places of culture, may not endure the economic and financial impact of the crisis.

The “LETS GO!” 16 mln € initiative is a unique and extraordinary action - the first of its kind since Fondazione Cariplo’s establishment - deemed necessary by the Boards to ensure the survival of these organisations and safeguard both the provision of fundamental services to the communities in the Foundation’s territory and thousands of workers employed by the sector.

The 1,400 applications submitted under the call “LETS GO!” by organisations severely hit by the pandemic offer a clear picture of the most pressing needs: over 60% of such requests concerns indeed the welfare sector, 40% coming  from nonprofits that provide services to children, followed by organisations supporting people with disabilities and the elderly. Worthy of note is also the significant support by Fondazione Cariplo to the cultural sector, totaling 4.5 million euros.



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