Futuro (per il) Prossimo: a special event!

It is an event of particular relevance to us as it will celebrate our Foundation’s achievements under the current Board over these past six years of its term. Our Foundation made giant strides over that period, establishing itself as an organization capable of serving our communities by providing not just funding but also its energy, competence and insights, steadily focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable. A quantum leap that led our Foundation to become recognized
as a leading philanthropic player domestically and internationally. Since its establishment in 1991, Fondazione Cariplo has supported over 30,000 projects for the common good in its program areas - the environment, arts & culture, scientific research, social & human services - giving over €3 billion to nonprofits.
After the opening address by local authorities, the event will feature speeches by key figures from our Foundation, interspersed with a reading by Sonia Bergamasco and performances by the La Scala Theater Academy Children’s Choir and the San Vittore Prisoner Rehabilitation Program Choir. Fondazione Cariplo President Giuseppe Guzzetti will deliver the closing speech going through his twenty years at the helm of the Foundation. Italian journalist Tiziana Ferrario will be the moderator.

Futuro per il Prossimo: LIVE STREAMING Monday April 8, 2019 from 10:30 am

The event is a collaboration of Fondazione Cariplo and La Scala Theater, supported by Milan Piccolo Theater – Teatro d’Europa, La Scala Theatre Academy, San Vittore Prison management and Saints Peter and Charles Health and Social Care department.

Photo credit immagine in homepage: Brescia Amisano - Teatro alla Scala