Cariplo Factory

Cariplo Factory is a spin-off philanthropic foundation Fondazione Cariplo. The idea behind the company born in the summer of 2015 to tackle the problems of youth unemployment and skills mismatch that characterizes Italy.
In that sense, it represents the natural evolution of Fondazione Cariplo efforts in these fields. In the next three years, Cariplo Factory aims to create 10.000 job opportunities for young (NEETs, underserved people, talents) and enhance the growth of successful startups. Cariplo Factory officially opened in April 2016 with 600 square meters — it will reach over 2.000 square meters in 2017 — located in the ex-Ansaldo factory. The latter occupies the centre of the Tortona district, one of the most lively and interesting districts in Milan, reckoned to host leading business firms in the field of creativity, design and innovation. Dedicated to open innovation, Cariplo Factory finds its origin in the knowledge cross-fertilization between big established corporations, SMEs, best-in-class startups, social business companies, Fab-Labs, incubators, universities, research centres, schools and informal education organizations. Cariplo Factory already cooperates with established corporations, including Microsoft, Fastweb, Terna and Novartis, as well as investors and leading influencers coming from different realms including policy making, science and society. This network will most likely grow in the next future. Following the “organic acceleration” model inspiring Cariplo Factory, these entities work together for talents, entrepreneurs and startups, offering them scholarships, workspace, networking, creative input, mentorship, training, and consulting services (legal, business plans, customer development, globalization, financing, pitching etc.) and other kinds of support. Cariplo Factory is a think tank for the implementation of talent management initiatives, corporate social responsibility programmes and open innovation projects. Adopting Responsible Research and Innovation principles Cariplo Factory is also sensitive to gender issues promoting gender equality with a particular attention to STEM careers and job opportunities.