Cross-sector Programmes

In 2016 Fondazione Cariplo introduced a significant novelty in its strategic planning: the launch of 4 cross-sector high impact programmes - with a three-year budget of €10 million each - focused on city suburbs, rural areas, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and youth employment. The four initiatives in brief:

“SOCIAL PERIPHERIES” aims at improving living conditions in city suburbs through urban-planning, architecture and landscape renewal, as well as multiple actions targeting common goods and environmental consciousness, the development of cultural and social entrepreneurship, and the reinforcement of social cohesion in disadvantaged areas. With reference to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this programme aspires to contribute to more inclusive, resilient, sustainable and safer cities, and promote urban policies ensuring access to public spaces and services to all citizens, with particular regard to women, children, the elderly and disabled people.

ATTIV-AREEsupports the revitalisation of rural areas, especially those in mountainous districts characterised by depopulation and abandonment. In particular, the programme fosters innovation and development of economic activities in rural areas (such as crop/animal farming and tourism) - ideally generating job opportunities for youth - building on the local heritage of tangible and intangible assets i.e. natural, social, cultural and financial resources, but also on the sense of belonging and existing collaboration and solidarity links.

CARIPLO FACTORY was launched in 2016 and aims to become a major digital innovation hub for youth. In a remarkable physical space of 1,500 square meters - made available by the Municipality of Milan – Cariplo Factory will pursue the ambitious goal of generating 10,000 job opportunities for young people and, more generally, creating an open innovation ecosystem with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, by levering its partners’ network and bringing together large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), social enterprises, players in the culture sphere, schools, universities, vocational training establishments, fablabs, incubators/accelerators and their respective expertise.

“SOCIAL INNOVATION, THIRD SECTOR CAPACITY BUILDING AND SOCIAL FINANCE” was developed based on the belief that the non profit sector and emerging players in the social entrepreneurship landscape, if effectively supported, can contribute to the reduction of the innovation and efficiency gap in the welfare sector and in cultural and environmental policies. The growing ecosystem still lacks of a systemic approach. The programme will therefore  focus on an integrated approach offering capacity building tools as well as patient capital to support social innovation in Italy.