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This handbook sets out the results of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the selection process of scientific research projects submitted under ‘Biomedical Scientific Research’ calls for proposals, and the output of scientific research funded by Fondazione Cariplo.

The purpose of the evaluation was to see if by funding projects selected applying rigorous international principles and practices, the Foundation brought about significant advancements, especially in terms of scientific research output of the funded projects, and how this was attained

The evaluation was mainly based on quantitative analysis of data gathered as part of Fondazione Cariplo’s Ren.de.re Project complemented by qualitative analysis of information received from interviews with the principal investigators of select funded projects. Bibliometric analysis was applied to explore the impact of the funded projects in terms of scientific research output.

Based on the results of the evaluation it can be reasonably concluded that the selection process implemented by the Foundation leads to the award of grants to projects and research teams that are capable of advancing knowledge and whose work enjoys broad recognition in the scientific community.

Osservatorio's Handbook.
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