This handbook summarizes the research work bearing the same title conducted in 2011 by Mimma Gallina, Cecilia Balestra, Paolo Dalla Sega to get insight for the development of Fondazione Cariplo’s action lines to support live performing arts.

In these times of economic crisis and budget cuts, the support given by the Foundation to live performing arts has become more and more critical. This includes the financial support as well as the support given to both well-established players and young, brilliant talents, for the development of more efficient, innovative management practices.

In addition to systematically gathering and analyzing information to get an understanding of the changed landscape for organizations engaged in theatre, music, audiovisual and contemporary arts, the authors conducted more in-depth analysis through interviews, visits and meetings for a large number of case studies.  With this work in the field the authors have listened to people and have given them a voice, directing the spotlight onto them and their job as well as areas in contemporary cultural production that generally get far less attention than others that only appear to be more prominent, showing that these people are creative, inventive, truly innovative and can be thus considered as authoritative interlocutors.

Separate conclusions are drawn for each area, yet the authors drew also some  general conclusions connecting the three different paths and identifying commonalities in analysis and interpretation.

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