Social Housing Foundation

The mission of Fondazione Housing Sociale (FHS) is to contribute to solve the housing problem by favoring the access of the disadvantaged to decent dwellings, thus helping them improve their conditions.

The Foundation uses an array of actions, initiatives and tools – either on its own or through third parties –to promote the construction of new houses on land acquired at advantageous conditions and managed by nonprofits. The dwellings will be let at an equitable rent to newly-formed or single-income families, students, elderly people, immigrants and other individuals at risk of social exclusion.

Thus, consistently with its values, Fondazione Cariplo also fosters the formation, growth and strengthening of nonprofits that provide real estate management combined with community management, including services for residents and the neighborhood. The history of Fondazione Housing Sociale is linked to that of Fondazione Cariplo’s Social Housing Project. Fondazione Cariplo began to take actions in the field of social housing in 2000. It started with the traditional approach of calls for proposals and related awards to worthwhile projects. From the very beginning, however, difficulties became apparent. They were largely due to the complexity of the initiatives and the large financial requirements typical of any real estate initiative, for which even the considerable resources committed by Fondazione Cariplo were only a drop in the ocean.

To overcome those difficulties, in that very year, the Foundation began to discuss the opportunity of launching a Social Housing Project. The foundation commissioned a feasibility study to the Milan Polytechnic to assess available options in view of engaging also other investors. In May 2003, the Project outline, including organizational aspects, funding and procedural requirements, was ready. In June 2004, in collaboration and with the support of the Lombardy Regional Government and Lombardy ANCI (Association of Italian Municipalities), Fondazione Cariplo formed Fondazione Housing Sociale.

The mission of the newly formed foundation was to develop the Social Housing Project, and more in general, to promote the growth and enhancement of social housing, in line with the Fondazione Cariplo’s values.