Istituto Italiano Donazione

Fondazione Cariplo supports Istituto Italiano della Donazione (Italian Donation Institute) and shares its project based on the Donation Charter.

The Istituto Italiano della Donazione (IID, Italian Donation Institute) is a legally recognised, non-profit association that is independent, autonomous and non-party. Its methods and annual checks ensure that the operation of Non-Profit Organisations (ONP) are in line with internationally recognised standards and respect the criteria of transparency, credibility and honesty. The IID “Donare con fiducia” (Donate with Confidence) logo, which is granted to Members, confirms that the ONP puts these values at the centre of its operations.

The Istituto Italiano della Donazione has the aim of spreading good practices in non-profit organisations (ONP), in order to reassure donators about the correct behaviour of the ONPs. The values on which the Institute and the Donation Charter are based are transparency, coherence, independence, equity, efficiency and efficacy. To affirm these values the IID brings together those non-profit organisations that decide to have their behaviour audited by an external body to demonstrate that transparency, credibility and correctness are the guiding principles of their operation.

The audit of the activities of the associations that voluntarily submit to the monitoring of the Institute, if positive, leads to the issuing of the “donare con fiducia” logo. This logo guarantees that the non-profit organisation has satisfied the annual audit of the IID, respecting high standards of management transparency and correctness in the raising and application of funds collected.

The IID also issues a logo dedicated to small local non-profit organisations that submit to a less stringent audit suited to their dimensions.