Fondazione Cariplo is a member of ACRI, the association of Italian savings banks and foundations with banking origin formed in the early 1990’s under the Amato legislation (Act 218/90).

Established in 1912, ACRI is a non-political, nonprofit, voluntary association. Its purposes are to represent and protect the interests of its members and help them achieve their purposes, protect their assets and promote technical advancement and economic development; to coordinate the actions of its members in the respective fields of interest to improve their effectiveness as well as to promote initiatives and activities of common interest; to seek and promote operational collaboration between its members and with other prominent domestic and international organizations, associations and bodies, also by proposing agreements or deals to be submitted to its members for approval.

The current President of ACRI is Giuseppe Guzzetti, the President of Fondazione Cariplo.


ACRI’s activities are exclusively geared to provide assistance to its members, i.e. banks and foundations with banking origin. It is a trade association that represents and protects the interest of its members and provides operational support to them. In relation to savings banks, it collaborates with the Italian Bankers Association on issues that are common to all banks, and, in particular, on those that specifically involve savings banks, which have a common tradition and status.

In relation to foundations, ACRI fulfils its duties of representation, inter alia, by acting as interlocutor of the Supervisory Authority on Foundations and as an organization involved in the implementation of section 15 of the Volunteer Work Legislation(Act 266/91). It also provides assistance to foundations in terms of organizational, planning and strategic development and consolidation, development of international relationships as well as common actions and initiatives with third parties.