2008 Annual Report Oscar

Fondazione Cariplo won the 2008 Annual Report Oscar in its category, i.e. Foundations of Banking Origin, Corporate Foundations, Non-profit Grant-making Organizations. The Annual Report Oscar is a prestigious award organized by FERPI, the Italian Association of PR Professionals, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Italy. In the last 45 years, the Oscar has been given to those organizations that achieved communication excellence in their annual reports.
The 24 finalists of the 2008 edition were selected by the Annual Report Oscar Judges who announced the winners at the award ceremony held on December 1, 2008 at the Italian Stock Exchange (Palazzo Mezzanotte), Milan. Fondazione Cariplo’s Annual Report beat the other two finalists in its category, Fondazione Pescarabruzzo and Fondazione Umanamente, whose annual reports had stood out for their communication effectiveness, clarity and completeness of information.

In arriving at their final decision, the judges focused on risk analysis, management of human resources and technical organization, in addition to examining financial and social/environmental reporting, effectiveness and promptness of information as well as completeness of financial information and guidance.
The high quality of the annual reports of candidates and the general improvement in terms of completeness and usability of information made it difficult for judges to chose among the competent finalists that showed their full awareness of the strategic and relational importance of communication.
The growth in terms of quality and contents - commented Gianluca Comin, President of FERPI – shows that organizations are well aware that good communication enhances their credibility, reputation and relationship with the stakeholders. Those who embark on this virtuous path do not go back and year after year strive to improve their communication in innovative ways and more and more interactively”.

A path on which our Foundation too has embarked striving year after year to improve its institutional communication optimizing contents and graphics always in line with its brand identity which is becoming increasingly stronger and more and more recognized among its stakeholders.
At a time of great difficulties for the economy, the Annual Report Oscar is testament to the existence of excellence in Italy, of entities that have the ability and the determination to beat competition on global markets. These are organizations that react to challenges with audacity and resolution, well aware of their value and eager to have it recognized.