Help to Advisory Committees and Offices

Osservatorio also helps the Foundation’s Subcommittees and Offices get insight into issues, design and fine-tune operational tools and Action Plans.

This is particularly important when Subcommittees and Offices need to 1) design new ways to implement Action Plans that have already been signed off 2) identify specific targets for new Action Plans on strategic issues.

In these circumstances it is extremely valuable for Subcommittees and Offices to be able to rely on intelligence that helps them fully grasp an issue, including information on existing players and their policies. The Osservatorio’s ability to analyze in depth, at an early stage, the issues the Foundation intends to address enables Subcommittees to take a long-term view and approach.

To this end, the Osservatorio’s staff:

• select experts for consultations that take place either in face-to-face meetings or in electronic fora;
• prepare in-depth analyses and reports, operational research and best practice papers, either directly or through third parties that are recruited applying competitive selection criteria (Quaderni dell'Osservatorio).