Spreading knowledge to orient decision-making towards sustainability - AP 15

"Developing, organizing and spreading knowledge to steer policy-making and citizen attitudes towards environmental sustainability"

Environmental resources are strained both at global and local level. Pursuing sustainability (e.g. the phasing out of fossil fuels, car-free neighborhoods, water recycling) has become a necessity, especially in metropolitan areas. It is apparent, however, that both governments and civil society organizations lack adequate financial resources and scientific knowledge to bring about true sustainability within communities. Hence, there is the need to develop and circulate environmental knowledge in order to influence decision-making, the behavior of citizens and economic players and bring about sustainable lifestyles.



With Action Plan 15 the Foundation promotes the development and systematization of knowledge on environmental matters to:

  • orient decision-making and activities undertaken by the Public Administration
  • increase environmental awareness and promote sustainable behaviors among citizens
  • harness national and international best practices to improve policies in the environmental, urban or transportation spheres.

Additionally, the Foundation aims to enhance knowledge and expertise of nonprofit organizations in the environmental sector and networking of players in the field for a greater impact of actions taken to protect the environment.