Social housing - AP 09

"Promoting social housing at the local level"

Housing is key to people’s quality of life and hence a major component of any efforts geared to help people assimilate or re-assimilate into society. Struggling to find a home, losing one’s home or living temporarily in a residential facility are different facets of the same problem, each requiring adequate policies.

Rental housing supply is well below demand and in Italy even more so than in other European countries. Additionally, social housing patterns have remained unchanged over the years, featuring medium/long-term or even permanent tenancies without any program to help the households in need overcome their vulnerability. Public housing supply is essentially insufficient and rigid, meeting just a small portion of demand by people with core housing needs who often have multiple concomitant chronic problems, and is concentrated in certain complexes and neighborhoods.


With Action Plan 9 the Foundation confirms its choice to support social housing interventions aimed at improving the conditions of vulnerable people by fostering a social environment where they can have access to not only adequate housing but also services that enable the development of meaningful and enriching human relationships.


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