Right to childhood - AP 11

"Protecting children and guaranteeing their right to childhood"

Alongside severe violations of children’s rights, that in Italy are of particular concern in certain groups  (immigrant children without a family, children from difficult backgrounds, juvenile offenders who struggle to re-assimilate into society), there are other less evident, yet worrying, situations of children’s distress that are emerging as a consequence of the economic crisis, parents’ employment instability as well as the difficulties of taking care of different family needs (young children and old parents) that the welfare system falls short of alleviating.



The priority goal of Action Plan 11 is ensuring the wellbeing of children by working with the children’s family (and community). Specifically:

  1. taking systemic action to tackle the most severe forms of distress in the most vulnerable population groups, to make up for the lack of resources and fill the gaps left by an approach based on emergency interventions;
  2. launch prevention programs for those families whose distress is less apparent, e.g. community support networks, support to balance work and family care, promotion of accessible, flexible services to help families fulfill their parenting duties.