Research targeted to improving the wellbeing of the individual - AP 16

"Research targeted to improving the wellbeing of the individual"

Successful medical treatment is often spoiled by the disease - and not the patient - taking center stage. Hardly ever is the  biological, psychological, affective and relational complexity of the individual addressed in its entirety. The individual who does not enjoy health has a physical ailment with inevitable psychological and social repercussions. Psycho-social implications need to be properly taken care of to ensure successful treatment, help people cope with their lifelong chronic disorders, promote rehabilitation as well as the capacity of long-term patients to be active members of society.



Action Plan 16 is geared to promoting research studies targeted to finding and assessing innovative solutions to the problems affecting the individual’s overall wellbeing, with specific emphasis on those individuals who experience temporary or permanent psycho-physical disorders due to either illness or a natural process such as aging.

Fondazione  Cariplo believes an all-round, integrated, multidisciplinary approach is needed to improve the living conditions of individuals affected by some kind of disorder, one which encompasses the three dimensions that affect the individual’s wellbeing: the physical, the psychological or emotional and the social dimensions. To improve the individual’s wellbeing, medical treatment and science are not enough: they are to be supplemented by a deep  understanding of the individual’s social and psychological dimensions.