Environmental sustainability - AP 03

"Promoting environmental sustainability at the local level"

It is broadly recognized that protection and conservation of environmental resources as well as capitalization on them are of critical importance and nearly all domestic and international agendas include them among their priorities. It is at the local level that environmental sustainability/sustainable development programs can be most effective. And it is only via true awareness and participation of citizens and social players that solutions for the effective governance of environmental issues can be found.


With Action Plan 3 the Foundation promotes environmental sustainability by supporting local projects hinged on efficient use and conservation of natural resources as well as the conscious engagement of the different players in concerted actions. This goal is pursued through interventions that relate to the following themes:

  • conservation and capitalization on the local resources
  • promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy   
  • sustainable mobility and livability of urban areas.



Audit GIS

Audit – GIS is project for the creation of a database of information gathered during the energy audits of public buildings in small and medium-sized municipalities.
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Il progetto Rete Biodiversità nasce dalla volontà di Fondazione Cariplo di intervenire concretamente per la tutela e la salvaguardia della fauna e della flora
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Mobility management

Il Progetto Mobility management per il sistema universitario milanese è stato ideato con l’obiettivo di educare alla mobilità sostenibile.
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