Cultural Programs - AP 04

" Promoting rationalization and renewal of cultural programs"

Like the rest of Italy, in Lombardy, the Arts & Culture landscape is characterized by the presence of different organizations each operating on its own and displaying resistance to change. This does not facilitate efficiency and risks to weaken the entire system. To overcome these hindrances, organizations are encouraged to join forces and form alliances with other players in the economic and social spheres  based on their common interest. A rich and diverse cultural landscape breeds not only different views, personal growth and better quality of life, but also economic growth and social cohesion.


 With Action Plan 4 Fondazione Cariplo aims at:

  1. supporting initiatives undertaken by partnerships of different players in the arts & culture sphere
  2. promoting models for the effective and efficient management of assets and activities in the arts & culture sphere
  3. facilitating innovation and improved quality in cultural production, focusing in particular on proposals coming from young/emerging talents and avant-garde creative expressions.





ARTGATE enables broad public enjoyment of Fondazione Cariplo’s collection of artworks through a web-based gallery.
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Cultural Districts

Cultural districts is a project that capitalizes on the local heritage to promote economic growth in Lombardy.
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