Access to Arts & Culture - AP 05

"Promoting access to and broad public participation in arts and culture"

Given the growing impoverishment of the cultural offering that although more varied often lacks quality as programs increasingly pursue mass-market audiences and sheer profits, it is of vital importance to stimulate the demand for quality and innovation in cultural programs via the greater involvement and participation of citizens in culture enjoyment and production.



With Action Plan 5 the Foundation promotes initiatives that solicit a more multi-faceted, widespread demand for culture via:

  1. communication campaigns and information services targeted to the large public or specific audiences;
  2. education/cultural events outside the formal education system that promote a more conscious, more refined demand for culture;
  3. amateurs programs that through direct experience and practice ignite people’s interest in arts and culture;
  4. actions geared to remove obstacles that stand in the way of people’s enjoyment of culture, e.g. affordable prices, making it easier for the public to reach cultural events venues.





Être is a project designed to help young Lombard theatre companies find stable residence and grow.
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