Medical Research Excellence - AP 06

" Basic medical research"

Biomedical research continuously evolves. The way knowledge is generated has dramatically changed after the completion of the human genome sequencing and the beginning of the ‘post-genomic’ era. Today, biology research requires advanced technology and highly specialized resources. To attain the critical mass which is crucial to compete in the international arena  it is important to promote projects that put together equipment and competences and foster multidisciplinary approaches so that the various specialists can pool their expertise and advance knowledge.



Under Action Plan 6 the Foundation promotes excellence in scientific production by supporting  fundamental research projects that investigate the mechanisms leading to disease development. These research studies are the first step toward the development of novel, more effective approaches to disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In particular the Foundation aims at:

  1. increasing scientific productivity of the research teams located in the Foundation’s constituency;
  2. increasing the international impact of research done by said research teams;
  3. facilitating renewal by fostering engagement of young scientists including in lead positions and/or coached by senior scientists in the projects funded by the Foundation.





NOBEL is a project that promotes excellence in scientific production through the development of technology platforms. Vaccines
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Under this initiative the Foundation supports research aimed at finding new approaches to the development of vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases.
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