Independent lives for people with disabilities - AP 08

" Helping people with disabilities live independent lives"

Italy’s welfare system has always relied upon families as primary care-givers of people with disabilities, either congenital, acquired or a byproduct of aging. The care-giving capacity of families is increasingly declining due to the cultural, social, economic and demographic changes that have occurred in our society. Other weaknesses in Italy’s welfare system add to the diminished care-giving capacity of families, such as the fragmentation of welfare services and the difficulties encountered in activating services for people with disabilities.

The inadequacy of the welfare system in meeting the needs of these people and their families and the difficulties in  financing certain services, both public and private, make the design of new solutions for these recipients a compelling need.


Under Action Plan 8 the Foundation supports interventions geared to maximize the independence of people who are not completely self-sufficient and help their families handle their care-giving duties. In particular, the Foundation works to increase provision of ‘light’ residential solutions that bring to fruition the right of people with disabilities to live independently, ensure legal protection of the rights of people with disabilities, enhance access to and integration of services, support caregivers and investigate ways to find additional resources for long term care and improved quality of life.



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Guardianship is a flexible, personalized legal instrument whereby the powers to represent, act on behalf of and/or assist an individual are established on a case by case basis and are proportional to the severity of the case.
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