Employment Assistance - AP 12

" Helping the disadvantaged enter the labor market"

Work is recognized as a citizens’ right in Italy’s Constitution and its key role in every person’s life is unanimously acknowledged. In addition to enabling individuals to earn their living, work gives them a personal and professional identity as well as social recognition which is indispensable for social inclusion. However, for varied reasons, there are people who struggle to have access to or re-enter the labor market. In Italy, social enterprises and social co-operatives are key players in the provision of multi-faceted employment and re-employment assistance services for these disadvantaged people. These players have recently come under pressure, experiencing difficulties that have deepened with the crisis, have hampered their growth and reduced their capacity to employ disadvantaged people.


The goal of Action Plan 12 is helping the disadvantaged find a decent, stable job by:

  1. experimenting new active employment measures for vulnerable people who find it harder to get and keep a job, and testing their effectiveness and efficiency;
  2. supporting development and reinforcement of social enterprises to increase the number of disadvantaged people who find a job as well as improve the quality of their employment;

facilitating the transition from a job at a social enterprise where disadvantaged people are ‘protected’ to a job in the mainstream labor market.



Lavoro e Psiche

Work & Psyche

Work&Psyche is a project designed to validate and disseminate an innovative approach to employment assistance for people with serious mental disorders.
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