Fondazione Cariplo sponsors events, meetings and initiatives that are in line with its purposes.

The Foundation logo is to be displayed on all communications material relating to the sponsored initiative subject to precise rules set out in the guidelines provided by Fondazione Cariplo. Sponsorships may also entail a financial contribution to share costs borne for the organization of the sponsored event or the publication of proceedings .


To apply for a sponsorship the applicant needs to send Fondazione Cariplo (Via Manin 23 – 20121 Milano, Italy) an application outlining the nature, goals, expected outcomes of the initiative and how it is going to be held.

When applying for financial support, the application shall include:

  • a summary financial plan  (planned costs and revenues of the initiative);
  • a copy of the applicant’s memorandum of association, bylaws and resolution whereby the applicant’s governing bodies were appointed (or renewed), unless the applicant has been a Fondazione Cariplo grantee in the past, in which case these documents are not required.