Major Landmark Grants

Fondazione Cariplo is committed to making major landmark grants to support initiatives in the provinces located within the Foundation’s constituency, except for the province of Milan.

Each year the Foundation awards these grants to two different provinces earmarking €7,000,000 per province.

For the current and next years, major landmark grants are scheduled as  follows:

year 2013: Como and Varese;

year 2014: Verbano Cusio Ossola and Brescia;

year 2015: Cremona and Novara;

year 2016: Lecco and Pavia;

year 2017: Bergamo and Sondrio;

year 2018: Mantua and Lodi.


To be eligible for a major landmark grant, projects or other interventions are to be related to the Foundation’s program areas, be carried out in the provinces to which the landmark grants have been earmarked in that year, be of significant size, have the potential to be highly impactful on quality of life as well as on cultural, economic and social development of the local community.

Only public or private organizations operating in the provinces that are chosen as major landmark grant recipients in a given year and meeting other grantee eligibility requirements can receive funds under a major landmark grant.

To apply for 2014 major landmark grants applications and projects are to be submitted in hardcopy to Fondazione Cariplo within November 15, 2013.

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