Local Projects

Fondazione Cariplo makes grants to local projects that are not selected via calls for proposals. To be eligible for a Foundation grant, projects are to relate to the areas set forth in legislation or in the Foundation’s Bylaws or fall with the scope of the Foundation’s Action Plans (scientific research, educations, arts & culture including heritage conservation and capitalization on cultural assets, environmental protection, health, assistance to vulnerable population groups).

Financial support given to this  kind of projects is generally rather contained  and requires co-funding of at least 50% of total project costs by the grantseekers.

To be eligible for a Foundation grant, local projects are to be carried out within the province of Milan, except for areas that fall within the constituencies of the community foundations Fondazione di Monza e Brianza,  Fondazione Comunitaria Nord Milano and Fondazione Comunitaria del Ticino Olona.

In the constituencies of the three foundations above as well as in other provinces of Lombard, grantseekers can apply for a grant to a local project from the local Community Foundations.

To apply for a Fondazione Cariplo grant to local projects, grantseekers are to:

  1. download, print and fill out all required fields of the relevant Application Form;
  2. send the Application Form complete with all required documentation to Fondazione Cariplo, Via Manin 23 – 20121 Milano, Italy.