Fondazione Cariplo does not award, either directly or indirectly, any grants or other funds to any businesses or other for-profit organizations except for social enterprises and social co-operatives.

The Foundation verifies the eligibility of grantseekers by examining their bylaws and financial statements. The Foundation also reserves the right to request any additional information or document it may need for its assessment of the grantseeker’s eligibility.

The nonprofit status of the grantseeking organization is evidenced in the grantseeker’s bylaws by provisions that:

a) prohibit the distribution, in any form, either directly or indirectly, of any profits, surpluses, reserves or funds to the benefit of its directors, members, partners, employees including contractual employees;

b) require that any profits or surpluses from its activities be used to pursue the organization’s purposes or to increase its net assets;

c) require that, upon the dissolution of the organization, any remaining assets  be used for the public good or be transferred to other nonprofit organizations.

Regardless of any such provisions in their bylaws, the following organizations are eligible for a Foundation’s grant: organizations registered as social co-operatives, volunteer organizations in the relevant regional registers or as NGOs in the relevant national register.

Organizations that are not officially constituted and registered, political parties, trade union organizations, trade organizations, entities that are either directly or indirectly involved in lobbying or electoral campaigns to influence voting, entities working to limit the freedom and dignity of citizens or promoting any form of discrimination are not eligible for a Foundation’s grant.

Natural persons are not eligible for a Foundation’s grant. The Foundation does not award grants, and if the grant is approved it will not be paid, for projects that are submitted by organizations that are eligible yet connected to ineligible entities.