The search engine for grants

GRANTSFINDER is a new service provided by Fondazione Cariplo on its website. It is a search engine  you can use to find grants awarded by the Foundation under calls for proposals  in the past few years. You can search the database entering different information. For each grant you can find key information that was taken directly from the information entered by grantseekers when applying for a Foundation’s grant.

A further way to be transparent and inform on the action of the Foundation and the activities of its grantees.





You can search the database:

  • by year (currently the database includes only the grants awarded in the past three years, but as migration of data from the old information system progresses you will find information on grants awarded in increasingly earlier years)
  • by area, i.e. by the four program areas of Fondazione Cariplo (the Environment, Arts & Culture, Scientific Research, Social and Human Services)
  • by keyword in the fields ‘organization’ (full name or part of the name of the grantseeker) and ‘title’ (full title or a part of it) of the project for which the grant was sought
  • by amount of the award (minimum and/or maximum amount)
  • by partner (full name or part of the name of the partner in the project)
  • by theme, i.e. the themes of the calls for proposals that may have different titles in the various year yet relate to the same theme.