The selection of projects for which a grant is sought under a call for proposals is carried out in two steps:

  • first, the grant application is examined to see if it meets all formal requirements and the scope and goals of the proposed project are consistent with those expressly set out in the call for proposals;
  • the grant applications that pass the test move on to the next step which entails the thorough, in-depth analysis of the proposed project.

Projects for which a grant is sought are assessed on merits focusing on both their contents (presentation, meaningfulness of goals, adequacy of strategies, anticipated impact) and their financial viability. The Foundation’s staff that review and assess the proposals may be assisted by  independent experts.

Grants are signed off by the Foundation’s Board of Directors based on the outcome of the project review made by the Foundation’s staff.

Finally, the list of the grants awarded by the Foundation is published on the Foundation’s website.