Discover the philanthropist in you!

Fondazione Cariplo, Radio Italia and R101 invite you to discover the philanthropist in you and appreciate Philanthropy through play and fun, sharing your dreams and projects and supporting those of others.

Create your own 30" to 1' jingle, made up of both music and lyrics, about philanthropy, i.e.  being generous and caring for others, and e-mail it by April 30, 2015 to jingle@fondazionecariplo.it.

The jingle that is most successful in conveying what Philanthropy is about will be chosen by Fondazione Cariplo and become the soundtrack of the Conference of Philanthropists to be held in Milan next May 20-22. The author of the winning jingle will record the jingle in a professional studio and have the opportunity to speak about his/her experience on a radio show!

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