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Cultural districts as a springboard for revitalizing the region’s economy’ is the project rolled out by Fondazione Cariplo to identify, promote and jointly fund cultural districts in the Lombardy region and in the provinces of Novara and Verbania.

The concept underlying the project is that efforts to preserve and capitalize on the cultural heritage set in motion a number of activities that involve diverse forms of expertise and help build social and human capital.

The project stems from the Action Plan ‘Cultural heritage as a catalyst for economic and social development at the local level’ that aims at promoting the cultural, social and economic development of the region by leveraging its cultural heritage. Under this Plan, the Foundation resolved to gear its action to creating a system of relationships favoring the integration of the efforts to preserve and foster a given area’s cultural heritage with infrastructures and with the businesses conducted by the other industries.

To achieve this objective, the Foundation chose to finance this specific project geared to testing this new model for cultural heritage management in Lombardy.

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